We proudly organized and completed 24 ‘Daylong (USGBC LEED) Green Building Workshops’ and Trained 1640+ Professionals on Basic Green Building Concepts and trained 95+ Professionals on two days long ‘Complete LEED Green Associate Exam Prep Workshops’ in 6 batches.

Daylong Green Building/Factory and USGBC (LEED) Rating System Learning Workshop

The Green Building and Factory Concept is gaining major importance in Bangladesh, considering the tremendous benefit it offers. A green building/factory is one which uses less water, less energy, less natural resources and generates less waste that provides healthier spaces for occupants compared to a conventional building.

Workshop Objectives

This training workshop is to impart knowledge on Sustainable Development, Green Building Concepts, USGBC's LEED rating system and share best practices and possibilities in Green Buildings in Bangladesh. That includes; -

  • Expose the participants to the basic information on Global Warming, Sustainable Development, Green Building and Certification System
  • Enlighten the participants with the knowledge of Global Green Certificate Authorities and LEED Rating System and explain about LEED Rating system’s NC and EB category in credit by credit for further Understanding
  • Explain Green Building core values and Triple Bottom Line benefit
  • The Mythology about first costs
  • Participants will receive a score sheet to evaluate their project’s possible certification level.
  • Provide a platform for networking
  • Facilitate exploring new business opportunities

Workshop Benefit

Widely-recognized, the LEED Green Building concept is followed by a variety of professionals, both in and outside of the green building industry. This workshop is ideal for architects, engineers, facility owners, contractors, construction managers, sustainability consultants, architectural designers, interior designers, lawyers, builders, product representatives, facility managers, real estate brokers, teacher, students, and anyone interested in understanding green building principles or looking to start a career in green building. The LEED Green Building concept workshop is the first step for all candidates looking to earn a LEED (USGBC) credential such as LEED Associate and LEED AP.

Note: A certificate will be awarded to all participants and will receive a workshop workbook.

Two Days long “Complete LEED Green Associate Exam” Preparation Workshop

LEED Green Associate, a professional credential given by U.S Green Building Council. The LEED Green Associate credential is for professionals who want to demonstrate green building expertise in non-technical fields of practice. This credential denotes basic knowledge of green design, construction, and operations. LEED Green Associate is the best introduction to green building that you will find; it is high level and comprehensive, providing insight into every areas of green building.

This Complete Exam Prep course will walk you through fundamentals of the LEED Rating System, including each prerequisite and credit. You will also learn core concepts associated with working on a LEED project. By participating in this course, participants also gain access to 16 practice exams; receive workshop workbook and learning flash cards.

With our guideline and learning materials participants will have all the knowledge, tools and the confidence to pass the exam.

Why is LEED Green Associate?

Whether you’re a recent graduate or a seasoned pro, acquiring the internationally-recognized LEED Green Associate credential is the key first step in establishing yourself as a serious green building professional.

With new jobs specifying the need for expertise in LEED, earning a LEED professional credential increases your opportunities for employment, job stability and promotion, while underscoring your value to LEED project teams and sustainability-focused organizations

Workshop Objectives

  • Prepare for the LEED Green Associate exam and find out what you need to know to successfully pass the LEED Green Associate exam
  • Identify basic principles of sustainability and learn from highly qualified instructors with real life experience
  • Review LEED prerequisites and credits and Green Associate in access to valuable knowledge and access to quality study tools

Complete LEED Green Associate Exam Preparation Workshops Includes: -

  • 2 Days of Live Workshops (Class Study)
  • LEED v4 Green Associate Exam Preparation Study Guide
  • LEED v4 Green Associate Exam Preparation Study Audio Book Mp3
  • Green Associate Practice Exams (16 sets with 1600 Questions)
  • Green Associate Practice Exams (by all criteria) with answers explanations.
  • Flash Cards
  • Mock Exam (100 questions) and revision session

Simple and Step by Step process of passing LEED Green Associate Exam and a Participations Certificate

Two Days long “Complete LEED AP Exam” Preparation Workshop

Anyone who is a LEED Green Associate and would like to become LEED AP with a specialty program, we can help. We can organize the workshops for the same and help participants with all the learning material to pass the exam. We offer ‘one on one coaching for individual and we helped 5 (Five) professionals to successfully achieved LEED AP credentials.

LEED AP Exam Preparation Workshops Includes; -

  • 2 Days of class study
  • LEED v4 Study Guide
  • LEED v4 for Tutorial Video
  • LEED v4 Study Audio Book
  • Workshop Workbook
  • Practice Exams (5 Sets of 100 Questions, Total 500 questions)
  • Flash Cards
  • Abbreviation
  • Opportunity to work with us in a project

Simple and Step by Step process of passing LEED AP Exam and a Participations Certificate

Daylong Green Training Workshop for Green Officer

We are proud to announce that, we are organizing a ‘Daylong Green Training Workshop’ to train individuals who would like to start a Green Career and want to work in a Green Factory Project as a Green Officer.

Daylong Green Training Workshop Package Includes:

  • A Days of Live Integrative Workshops
  • Workshop Workbook
  • Expose the participants to the basic information on Global Warming, Sustainable Development, Green Building and Certification System
  • Green Building Documentation, Green Building Maintenance, Energy Efficient measures for Buildings and Factories
  • Employee Orientations Guideline and Green Team Guidelines
  • Simple and Step by Step process of Green Building Management and Participation’s Certificate

Note: We have many projects that looking for Green Officer




For detail information and next schedule date please call. 01747910939

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