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Going Green Milestone with Crony Group
Today a new Green Milestone has been set by Crony Group. They are going for green (USGBC, LEED) with of their Projects. Projects list are as follow; –
  1. Crony Apparel Ltd. (3 Build, 3,86,030 Sft.)
  2. Crony Textile Unit. (4 Build, 3,06,804 Sft)
  3. Abanti Colour Tex Ltd. (9 Build, 7,51,137 Sft)
  4. Crony Sweaters Ltd. (1 Build, 146,261 Sft)
  5. Crony Printing & Embroidery Ltd. (1 Build. 83,949.52 Sft)
Total of 18 Buildings with 1,674,181 Sft
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About Crony Group
Crony group began as 4 sewing lines with the capacity of producing less than 8000 pieces of garments per day in 1994, has become present-day Crony Group. A leading composite textile manufacturer with the capacity of producing over 200,000 pieces of garments per day and over 15,000 employees in 8 different sister concerns.
From the very beginning of our journey, our founders, AH Aslam Sunny and Neela Hosna Ara, focused on achieving the highest production efficiency and quality possible. This focus still remains prominent in all our businesses with great prosperity. Their visionary leadership has allowed the establishment of our major subsidiaries, Abanti Colour Tex Ltd, Crony Tex Sweater Ltd, Crony Apparels Ltd and Crony Embroidery & Printing Ltd. Ultimately becoming a distinguished vendor for some of the most renowned apparel brands in Europe and North America. Crony Group continues to experience substantial growth with plans to diversify as a conglomerate into more industries in the future.
For over 2 decades, Crony Group has set the standard for garments manufacturing worldwide.
We provide quality knit garments for leading brands while ensuring a safe working environment for over 15,000 employees. Crony Group implements the best sustainable manufacturing practices with a strong commitment to limiting toxic effluence through our Effluent Treatment Plan and other upcoming projects.
We are at 360 TSL is very happy to announce that, 360 Total Solution Limited (The Leading Green Building and USGBC LEED Expert in Bangladesh) reached a new milestone in our Green Journey. Now we are consulted or consulting 170 projects with 92 companies and 42.5 million Sft spaces.
With our experiences we can say with confident that, Green Building do not cost you, only require little investment which will return in less than three years, Guaranteed. With us, your project will improve in all aspects of areas and will create an EFFICIENT, COMFORTABLE, CLEAN and World Standard Facility.
360 TSL is a pioneer and leader in Green Building Consultancy Services in Bangladesh and created number of information packages for you and they are available at FREE of cost.
360 TSL created and published 1st “Green Building & Sustainable Development Information Hand Book, 2nd Edition” in Bangladesh and now is available in Print Copy or Soft Copy at FREE of cost.
This a comprehensive and complete information packages on GREEN in simple and organized way presented, So, everyone can review the factual information and make informed decision regarding GREEN and LEED certifications. This document will cover three different categories of LEED and that includes; – New Buildings (BD+C, v4), Commercial Interior (ID+C v4) and Existing Buildings (EB O+M v4). Call or massage with email address for soft copy.
On a final note, Green Building Concept is not just a certificate; rather it is the ‘Most Profitable and Environment -friendly Business Management System’ and also an Ongoing Process, which requires continual improvement in all aspects of company or organization portfolios. It will also support all of your sustainability efforts and reporting.
You may call us at any time for information, advice and explanation on the green concept. We are here to help. Thanks in advance for your GREEN journey. Once you speak to us, we are confident you will see how easy completing your GREEN project can be with our professional support and knowledgeable help.
We are available at – Facebook: 360tsl, LinkedIn: 360tsl, Youtube: 360 TSL Green Expert.

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