Our newest Green Building project is “American International School Dhaka”, under USGBC (LEED) BD+C v4 certifications. Like all new projects, we do a “Design Brief” meeting to inform all Team Members of LEED Requirements, opportunity,  points detail, and processes.

The following Video is the online presentation to the design team about the Green Building requirements. You may call it the “Green Building Short Corse” and learn the ‘Green Building Requirements’ in less than 7 minutes. The video quality is not up to the mark, but the information is valuable, So, I am sharing it with you.
All New Building Projects (BD+C), we started with LEED INTEGRATIVE PROCESS (IP) to maximize opportunities for integrated, cost-effective adoption of green design and construction strategies, emphasizing human health as a fundamental evaluative criterion for building design, construction, and operational strategies. Utilize innovative approaches and techniques for green design and construction.
An Integrative Process is a comprehensive approach to building systems and equipment. Project team members look for synergies among systems and components, the mutual advantages that can help achieve high levels of building performance, human comfort, and environmental benefits. The process should involve rigorous questioning and coordination and challenge typical project assumptions. Team members collaborate to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of every system. With proper execution of the Integrative Process in the Design Phase, we can create very efficient, comfortable, and healthy spaces for all of us and also cut construction time from 30% to 50%.
The Objectives, Challenges, and Opportunities for Green Buildings are as follows: –
  • Address sustainability in a genuine and meaningful way as applicable to the project
  • Create the most energy efficient, water efficient, and resource-efficient spaces as possible
  • Create a comfortable and healthy work environment for all employees
  • Adopt and employ an environment-friendly plan and policy in ‘day-to-day’ operations
  • Employ social support and employee enhancement programs for all workers
  • Enhance project outlooks and create a greener space throughout
  • Incorporate all relevant world environmental standards and local codes and standards to create compliance and safe workspaces for all
  • Attain the commendable Green Rating USGBC (LEED) Certification (Platinum or Gold) for the project.
“LEED is not just a certificate; it is the most effective business management system if we understand and follow it. Benefits are very high and could not be ignored” – Ananta Ahmed (LEED AP BD+C, ID+C, EB O+M, HOMES & ND, USGBC Faculty).
Information is always FREE with 360 TSL.
360 TSL created and published the 1st “Green Building & Sustainable Development Information Handbook, 2nd Edition” in Bangladesh and now is available in Print Copy or Soft Copy FREE of cost. This is a comprehensive and complete information package on GREEN in the simple and organized way presented, So, everyone can review the factual information and make informed decisions regarding GREEN and LEED certifications. This document will cover three different categories of LEED that includes; – New Buildings (BD+C, v4), Commercial Interior (ID+C v4), and Existing Buildings (EB O+M v4). Call 360 TSL for more detailed information if needed.
We are available on – Facebook: 360tsl, LinkedIn: 360tsl, and YouTube: 360 TSL Green Expert.
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