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360 TSL New Initiative, 360 TSL Financing Consultancy Services

Projects Financing is a very challenging and complex matter and it is the most important step toward New Project Establishment and Company Growth. A number of projects do not reach the required level of execution because the funds are not secured in the right way or write time. The cost of funds also needs to be analyzed and compared to source funds with better value.
Companies' Financial systems also required close consideration for their effectiveness, productivity, and profit.
360 TSL now offers Complete Financial Consultancy Services with a very experienced and skilled Team of Professionals.

360 TSL Financial Consultancy Services Includes-

  • New Project Financing
  • Project Portfolio and Proposals
  • Project Feasibility Report
  • Sustainable (Green) Re-Financing from Bangladesh Bank
  • Green Transformation Fund (GTF) from Bangladesh Bank
  • Energy Audit Services for GTF from Bangladesh Bank
  • USGBC (LEED) Green Building Certifications
  • Complete Financial Setup with Support Software, Operating Systems, and SOP
  • Benefits of 360 TSL Financial Consultancy; -

  • Experienced Guidance for Project Financing
  • Get Quick and Easy Financing Options
  • Experienced Resources adding value for business
  • Secure Financial Support for Project Lifecycle
  • Multiple Choices of Finance Tailored to Your Request
  • Hassle-free -Documentation Support
  • Stay Focused on Core Business
  • Manage your Consortium
  • Relief you from the Administrative Burden of a Proposal
  • Provide Post-award Support
  • Advise on research strategy development
  • Training
  • Please call for information, information package, and free initial consultations at or Mob/WA +88 01747910939
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