Going Green with Swisstex Group with LEED GOLD Certificate
We’re happy to announce that Swisstex Packaging & Accessories Ltd a concern of Swiss Tex Group just achieved USGBC (LEED) GOLD Certificate with 65 LEED points. According to the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC®), which recently completed a detailed review of the project certification and performance data, the project met all of the requirements and secured all 65 LEED points for the certification. 360 Total Solution Limited (TSL) is the proud Green Building Consultant for the project.
We would like to thank Mr. Shibbir Mahmud, Chairman, Swiss Tex Group for the opportunity and entire team for outstanding achievements and continuous support.
Swiss Tex Group is established in 1995. It is a group of export oriented readymade garment accessories manufacturing company. We manufactures woven label, offset printing label, flexo printing label, screen printing label, stickers, photo insert card and packaging boxes, packaging PET boxes, corrugated box carton 3 ply / 5 Ply with C,B,E & F flute combination, tray bottom and top, die & punch box, colorful gift box, heavy duty pallet, auto lock carton box etc and supply to our valued buyers.
We have three hundred sets of machinery which have production capacity about 5,000,000 pcs of label and hang tags per day. We serving largely clients of USA, Canada and Europe & nominated by world famous buyer such as H&M, M&S, Mango, mister*lady, Aldi, Lidl, Kappahl, Varner, Pep & Co, Stadium etc.
Recently we have launched an automated packaging company. It has a yearly production capacity of 39 million square meter corrugated 3 ply / 5 Ply board per year. This is the first USGBC LEED green factory of automated carton packaging industry in Bangladesh which is introduced in business in 2018.
We have highly skilled and experienced man power. Our people are motivated by favorable environment and responsive management. Its R&D team have supreme innovative idea & capacity, specialized in technology, Product design, market analysis service etc. All Factories of Swisstex Group are on owned land at Saver & Manikganj, Bangladesh.
Swiss Tex Group Points Table Break Down; –
• Sustainable Site (SS) 21 of 26
• Water Efficiency (WE) 8 of 10
• Energy & Atmosphere (EA) 9 of 35
• Material & Resources (MR) 6 of 14
• Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) 11 of 15
• Innovation (IN) 6 of 6
• Regional Priority (RP) 4 of 4
• Total 65 of 110
Swiss Tex Group Project Sustainability Summary are as follow; –
• Energy Savings 19.90%
• Water use reduction 45.93%
• Construction Solid Waste Diverted 96.67%
• Local Materials 53.31%
• Recycled Content 28.76%
• Bicycle storage to serve 31.25%
• Maximize Open Space 52.48%
• Heat Island Reduction 100%
• Night Light Pollution Reduction 100%
• Increased Fresh Air (ASHRAE) 30%
• Daylight and Views-Daylight 96.36%
• Low-Emitting Materials-Adhesives and Sealants 100%
• Building Commissioning-Implementation
• Enhanced Refrigerant Management
• Indoor Air Quality Best Management Practices
• Green Cleaning & Green Education Policy
• Sustainable Purchasing Policy
360 TSL is a pioneer and leader in Green Building Consultancy Services in Bangladesh and now consulting/consulted 281 Projects with 91 Company and 43 million Sft
360 TSL created number of information packages for you and they are available at FREE of cost.
360 TSL created and published 1st “Green Building & Sustainable Development Information Hand Book, 2nd Edition” in Bangladesh and now is available in Print Copy or Soft Copy at FREE of cost.
This a comprehensive and complete information packages on GREEN in simple and organized way presented, So, everyone can review the factual information and make informed decision regarding GREEN and LEED certifications. This document will cover three different categories of LEED and that includes; – New Buildings (BD+C, v4), Commercial Interior (ID+C v4) and Existing Buildings (EB O+M v4). Call or massage with email address for soft copy.
On a final note, Green Building Concept is not just a certificate; rather it is the ‘Most Profitable and Environment -friendly Business Management System’ and also an Ongoing Process, which requires continual improvement in all aspects of company or organization portfolios. It will also support all of your sustainability efforts and reporting.
You may call us at any time for information, advice and explanation on the green concept. We are here to help. Thanks in advance for your GREEN journey. Once you speak to us, we are confident you will see how easy completing your GREEN project can be with our professional support and knowledgeable help.
We are available at – Facebook: 360tsl, LinkedIn: 360tsl, Youtube: 360 TSL Green Expert.

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