“Time Management” it’s a DO Training with MASCO

I am honored and privileged to conduct a Training Session for MASCO Groups Managers called “The Art of Time Management”. Its 4 weeks long (once a week) and implementation-based training on Time Management. This training will provide practical knowledge, tools to use on a personal level, resources to plan and exercise, and guidance to make ‘Good Time Management’ Habits.
The benefits of these training sessions are as follow; –
  1. Greater Productivity and Efficiency.
  2. A Better Professional Reputation and Success
  3. Reduces Stress and Anxiety.
  4. Overcome perfectionism and procrastination
  5. Increased Opportunities for Advancement.
  6. Greater Opportunities to Achieve Important Life and Career Goals
  7. Leads to More Balance and Healthy Life
  8. Allows More Time for Study, Review, and Learn
  9. Gain Time Through Organization
  10. Motivates to Complete Tasks
  11. Reduces Avoidance of Work to Be Done
  12. Eliminates Cramming for Work
With good ‘Time Management skills, anyone can become successful and happy. With successful and happy people any company or organization will prosper. Good Time Management also will create a stress-free environment and a productive workforce.
Thanks to MASCO Group Management for the opportunity.

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