You may call us at any time for information, advice and explanation on green concept. We are here to help. Thanks in advance for your GREEN journey. Once you speak to us, we are confident you will see how easy completing your GREEN project can be with our professional support and knowledgeable help.

Following is a detail list of our scope of works and a Comparison Study Template for your information and convenience. Feel free to use it and call us if you have any question or concern.

# Scope of Works for New/Existing Buildings 360 TSL Company A Company B
Green Workshops and Training
1. LEED Basic Concept Information Session Included
2. Role Identification Matrix for all Project Team Members Included
3. Data Collection Templates Explain Included
4. LEED Green Matrix Session Included
5. Energy Audit Information Session Included
6. Green Building Certification Guideline Information Session Included
7. Documentation Guideline Session Included
8. Feasibility Study Report Presentation Included
9. LEED MATRIX Report Presentation Included
10. Energy Audit Report Presentation Included
11. Detail Step by Step Action Plan Presentation Included
12. Commissioning Guideline Session Included
13. Green Building Orientation Session for Occupants and Maintenance People Included
14. Complimentary Admission to our Daylong Green Building Workshops Included
15. Green Officer Training Workshops Discounted
16. USGBC LEED Green Associate Exam Prep Workshop Discounted
17. LEED AP Exam Prep Support Discounted
USGBC (LEED) Green Building Video Tutorials in Bangla (YouTube Channel: 360 TSL Green Expert)

Participants may complete the relevant QUIZ and get completion certificates. More video is coming.

18. Video 1: USGBC (LEED) Green Building Learning Tutorials Introduction Included
19. Video 2: About Ananta Ahmed and 360 TSL Included
20. Video 3: Detail & Step by Step Green Construction Procedures Included
21. Video 4: Site Assessment Report Instruction Template Included
22. Video 5: Detail Green Building Documentation Guideline Included
23. Video 6: Green Construction Logistic Plan Included
24. Video 7: Green Construction Activity Pollution Prevention Plan Included
25. Video 8: Green Construction Health and Safety Plan Included
26. Video 9: Green Site Construction Waste Management Plan Included
27. Video 10: Green Construction Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Management Plan Included
Green Building Concept Guide Lines (Deliverables and if needed)
28. Architectural Guide Line Included
29. Electrical Guide Line Included
30. Lighting Guide Line Included
31. Air Condition and Air Ventilation Guide Line Included
32. Plumbing Guide Line Included
33. Fire System Guide Line Included
34. Landscaping Guide Line Included
35. Solar Guide Line Included
36. VOC Limit Guide Line Included
37. Procurement Guideline Included
38. Wall, Roof, Floor Guideline Included
39. Glass Guideline Included
40. Extensive Vegetated Roof Guideline Included
41. Air Purifying Indoor Plants Guideline Included
42. Indoor Fresh Air Guideline Included
43. Landscaping Guideline Included
44. False Ceilings Guideline Included
45. Civil Contractor and Construction Team Guideline Included
46. Documentation Guide Line and Templates Included
47. Fundamental Commissioning Guide Line Included
48. Analyze and Review all Proposed Design and Assistance Included
Green Building Facilitation
49. Location and Site Studies Included
50. Sun Path Analysis, Included
51. Local Weather and Climatic Studies, Included
52. Building Form and Orientation Studies Included
53. Envelope Optimization, Included
54. HVAC and Lighting System Review Included
55. IAQ Management Included
56. Water Efficiency Studies and Strategies Included
57. Building Energy Efficiency Studies Included
58. Fenestration Analysis Included
59. Wall Roof and Floor Assembly Optimization Included
60. Lighting and Other Systems Analysis Included
61. Day Lighting Simulation and Views Analysis Included
62. Lighting pollution analysis and simulation Included
63. Renewable Energy Studies, Calculation and Options Included
64. Energy Simulation and Analysis Included
65. Perform Calculations for Selected Credits Included
66. On-site Verification of LEED Credits Implementation Included
Reports (Deliverables)
67. Feasibility Study Report Included
68. Detail Step by Step Action Plan Included
69. LEED Matrix Report Included
70. Daylight Simulation Report Included
71. Energy Modeling Report (if needed) Included
72. ASHRAE Level 1 Energy Assessment Report Included
73. ASHRAE Level 2 Energy Audit Report Included
74. Design and Energy Code Model (for USGBC) Included
75. Green Cost Estimation Report Included
Commissioning & Enhanced Commissioning
76. Fundamental Commissioning and Report Included
77. O & M Manuals Included
78. Systems Manual Included
79. Re-Commissioning Management Manual Included
80. Enhanced Commissioning and Report (2 LEED Point) Included
Language and Guide Line for Required Plans and Documents
81. Construction Activity Pollution Presentation Plan Included
82. Site Assessment Report Instructions Template Included
83. Construction Logistics Plan Included
84. Health and Safety Plan Included
85. Green Cleaning Policy Included
86. Building Exterior and Hardscape Management Plan Included
87. Integrated Pest Management Plan Included
88. Erosion Control & Landscape Management Included
89. Construction Waste Management Plan Included
90. Construction IAQ Management Plan Included
91. Documentation Samples Included
92. Mandatory House Keeping Signage Design Included
93. Any other plan needed for USGBC LEED Certifications Included
USGBC Submission
94. Submittals Review During Construction Included
95. Project Team Documents Review Included
96. Final Documentation and Submittal Templates Included
97. USGBC Submission Included
98. Answer USGBC Review Included
99. Re-Submit Final Application for Green Rating Included
100. Facilitate LEED Certificate and LEED Award Included
Additional Supports
101. Support to Assemble Project Team (if needed) Included
102. Provide Information about Materials, Vendors, and Experts (If Needed) Included
103. Accord and Alliance Compliance Check List Included
104. Green Financing Opportunity Information Included
105. Green Project Portfolio Narrative Included
106. Set Back Guide Line Included
107. BEPZA Guide Line Included
108. Garments Building Rule Included
109. Bangladesh National Building Code (BNBC) Included
110. USGBC Fee Schedule Included
Notable Points
111. USGBC Direct Silver Membership and Discounts Yes (Silver)
112. Language (Bengali and English) Bang. + Eng.
113. Green Building Expert (USGBC Accredited) Lives in Bangladesh and Always Available Yes
114. Regular Project Visit Yes
115. Google Map Support Yes
116. Unlimited Telephone, Email and Face to Face Consultation Yes
117. Local Join Stock Company and Office Yes
118. References with Contact Information Yes
119. Best Value Green Fee Certificate Yes
120. Total Certification Cost Calculation Yes
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