USGBC (LEED) Green Building Certification Support Services:

These services are designed with the understanding that, many projects have Foreign Consultants and having problem with understanding the concept, lack of in-house personals and unable to keep up with everyday LEED compliances need. We can help and provide our Support Services and work with the Foreign Consultants as LEED Project Coordinator on behalf of owner.

  • Green Building Concept information, knowledge and training
  • All Green Building required guidelines that includes; Architectural, Electrical, Lighting, Plumbing, Air Ventilation and HAVC, VOC Level, Documentation, Commissioning etc.
  • All Green Building required plans that includes; Construction Activity Pollution Presentation Plan, Construction Waste Management Plan, Construction IAQ Management Plan etc.
  • All required signage design, draft letter and documentation sample.
  • Site supervision and photographs guidance
  • Access to local Green Building Experts
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