Green Building Certification Cost Total for One Building with 1,40,000 Sq. Ft. 360 TSL


Company A Company B
1. USGBC Registration Fee Total ($1200.00/Each Building with Discount)    
2. USGBC Registration Fee Savings ($300.00/Each)    
3. USGBC Certification Fee  
4. USGBC Certification Fee Savings  
5. USGBC Total Savings with our Membership Discount  
6. Expert Visits Cost (4 Required) $750.00/Each, Total $3000.00
7. Green Building Consultancy Total  
8. Site Visits (Local Experts)  
9. Other Cost Total (if any):  
  Grand Total      

Notes: USGBC fee schedule have few more items (not listed here) that includes split review option with design ($.047/sf) and construction ($.016/sf) review, complex credit appeals ($1000.00/credit), all other credit appeals ($500.00/credit) and formal inquiries ($220.00/credit). Generally, we do not use these services. Be aware USGBC do not charge for commissioning (done by a third party, employed and paid by us) or any other services. For detail USGBC fee schedule please call. All applicable TAX (IT and VAT) is not included in the offered fees. USGBC fee quoted based on today’s price and it may change time to time. USGBC fee is applicable at the time of submission fee rates.

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