Cityscape International Ltd. has taken the challenge to build the first “LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) Platinum Certified” (highest rating) commercial building in Bangladesh. The flagship project “Cityscape Tower” will be one of a kind “Green & Intelligent Infra-structure” pioneered by Cityscape International Ltd.

The project is conveniently located at 53 Gulshan Avenue, Dhaka, which is the most sought after top notch commercial hub in Bangladesh.  Construction activities are at full pace and to date the superstructure of the building is completed.

Statistical Data
  • Total land 11248 SFT
  • Total open 50% – complied with FAR
  • 14 storied plus 3 storied basement, total 17 storied
  • Total floor area 78196 SFT (w/o basement)
  • Ground floor 6537 SFT
  • 1st floor 5373 SFT
  • 2nd to 11th floor 5770 x 10= 57700 SFT
  • 12th floor = 5770 SFT
  • 13th floor = 5431 SFT
  • Total basement area 23208 SFT
  • Total area 104019 SFT
  • 50 car parking along with 18 bicycle parking
Safety and Security Features
  • Turn Stile Controlled Entry
  • Visitor Smart Card Elevators (OTIS France)
  • CC-TV & Public Address System
  • Under Vehicle Scanners & License Plate Scanner
    • High Quality of Building Security ensured
    • Central Building Management System
  • Sprinkler Based Fire Fighting System
  • Building Design for 7.5 on Ritcher Scale
  • Double Layer Low – E – Silver Glass by PILKINTON
  • Located in Gulshan Avenue very close to the Police Station
    • Fully Protected Against Fire & Earthquake
    • Security Location
Special Features
  • Energy Efficient DAIKIN –Japan VRF Air Conditioning System
  • CO2 & CO Sensors to Control Indoor Air Quality
  • Occupancy Sensors
  • On Site Water Treatment & Recycling Plant
  • Rain Water Harvesting
  • Dedicated Deep Tube Well at Site
  • Three Imported US EPA Tier 3 Standard Diesel Generators CUMMINS (UK)
  • 18 KVA Solar Panel on Roof –BOSCH (Germany)
  • Landscape Water Fountains Designed by IKEBANA
  • First Fully Wooden Cladding (PRODEMA Spain) in Bangladesh
  • 3 Lifts, OTIS France for 52 persons ( 1 Dedicated Lift for VIP)
  • 24 hrs Video Surveillance System
  • LED lighting throughout with INTELLIGENT control
  • Renewable Energy Solar System
    • Less Running/ Electricity Cost Ensured
    • Full power backup at all times Ensured
    • Occupant Health is Ensured
    • Runs on 44% Less Energy than Buildings in the Area and 60% Water Saving
Environmental Features
  • The major reason lot of top tier corporate are choosing environmental buildings now, aside from positive image is that there are substantial evidences that they improve worker productivity, morale, and health
  • Workers tend to be more productive in buildings with more daylight and fresh air and fewer toxic chemicals as person-hours are expensive and indispensable
  • The developer pays the green building premium and the tenants enjoy the savings. LEED buildings generate energy savings and enhanced employee productivity
  • Reduce storm water runoff, increase groundwater recharge, utilize sustainable transportation systems and support other societal benefits
  • LEED certified buildings can generate a 7 to 12 percent increase in net operating income by reducing operating costs
  • LEED strategy ranges from improving air and water quality to reducing solid waste, benefiting owners, occupiers, and society as a whole
Green features specific to the project:
  • Green landscaping, roof top greenery, in-site waste water treatment plant and recycled water usage.
  • Building occupants can easily enjoy the benefits of natural daylight year round; minimizing solar heat gain will substantially reduce annual cooling energy demands and contribute to LEED credits
  • Total facility will be integrated with latest and most versatile BAS (Building Automation System) & EMS (Energy Management System), which will further reduce utility costs. We have entered in contract with world’s best systems for the purpose, for e.g. Honey well Inc. / Johnson Controls. This building will berated equivalent to – US Standard ANSI (American National Standards Institute) / ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers), 135
  • By accessing occupants data, the building management system can adjust temperature and lighting for the area of the building where that individual works. To further reduce energy consumption and enhance comfort, it can also increase outdoor airflow to that area, or open window shades that had been closed to minimize heat gain.
  • Reliable, high-performance HVAC digital control systems help improve our facility’s indoor environment while cutting energy and equipment costs, and feature sequences of operations.
  • Owners and tenants of this facility will be selected very carefully so as to creates homogeneous socioeconomic perspective. Corporate having solid back grounds& CSR (corporate social responsibility) will be given priority to own/ rent. Occupants of this building will feel privileged and business houses will have tremendous positive values added by having office located in this unique facility.
  • LEED certified buildings have tremendous potentiality to save energy and hence utility bills. It is projected on facts that this building will save 44 % in electrical consumption and 60 % savings in water. Therefore, for occupants of this facility, there will enormous savings from utility bills from day one. Also, the users will be proud participants of green culture, the present and future trends of sustainable development.


236 thoughts on “Cityscape Tower – LEED Platinum Certified”

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